Saturday, June 20, 2009

Damn the torpedoes

Shortly after joining the Navy, Frank was hanging out in an ordinance room with a buddy bullshitting. Frank discovered one of those generator-plunger thingies that is used in the field to detonate explosives. Having a flash bulb in his pocket, he wondered if it produced enough current to light the flash. It was the old school glass kind with a steel wool looking filament. The resulting pop was so loud it caused an officer to come running into the munitions room. Loud pops and bangs get the military nervous for some reason.
The officer discovered two very surprised looking sailors sitting on a stock of torpedoes. After grilling them as to whose idea it was, Frank confessed. The officer put Frank up for munitions duty that started his career as a MINEMAN. Evidently the officer was impressed by him unwittingly figuring out on his own how to improvise a detonator. Or so the story goes...

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