Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't tell mom....

He had a woman he loved in Saigon,
I got a picture of him in her arms now

I guess dad was what one might call a womanizer. Considering he was abanoned by his mother who was abandoned by another womanizer (my grandfather) it all kind of makes sense in a very painfull way.
When I scanned this photo I found a note on the back in his handwriting that made me chuckle: "This is a photo at my going away party. Please save for me as the wife wouldn't understand. F."

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  1. Hard to believe that your dad was in Nam about the same time that I was there. I got there in '67, and it changed my life. Like your dad, I became a womanizer, and a self-centered tyrant of sorts. Basically, it was always 'my way or the highway'. I hardly ever settled for what someone else wanted. I had affairs with various Asia women before, during, and after I got married to a Japanese woman. How she put up with me for 21 years is still a mystery... We've never really talked about it. However, she did once say that the day she finally left, it was like someone had "lifted two 50 pound weights from her shoulders".